What are the top one percent teaching their kids?

Why do the top one percent of people hold more wealth than the bottom 99 percent? Robert Kiyosaki says it’s because of what the rich teach their kids about money. Find out why today’s book of the day may be the key to secure your financial future. 

In today’s book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, Robert Kiyosaki highlights the differences in mindset between the rich and the middle class.

If you have ever looked anything up regarding finance, then you’ve probably come across this book. It is the number one selling finance book and it’s been around for a whole decade.
Kiyosaki was one of the first to express the idea that the poor and the middle-class work for money while the rich have money work for them. 
(In the form of assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, IOU’s and royalties.)
Assets vs. Liabilities- Robert explains the difference between the two. “Assets put money in your pocket, liabilities take money out”. This simple definition has helped many people make better financial decisions. The principles highlighted in this book have never been taught to you in school. It is your duty to take action and put them into practice in your own life. 

Personal review


‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ was one of the first books that I read cover to cover. It was a quick and easy read and it completely changed the way that I looked at finance. 

You are your own biggest asset, the first thing you should do is invest in yourself.

Why not start today?

GET YOUR COPY OF RICH DAD POOR DAD and read it for yourself. For less than the price of Netflix, this book makes for a great first investment. 


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