Imagine a life with no limitations. Snap your fingers and be fearless, confident and certain of your purpose in life. Although it seems like an impossible reality for some of us, it may be more attainable than we thought. Find out how to take control of your life for good.
Today’s book of the day has an interesting back story. “Outwitting The Devil”- Napoleon Hill was written in 1938 but it was not published until 72 years later in 2011. The book was thought to be too controversial for its time and was likely to be ‘black-listed’ by religious leaders, teachers and publicists. Hills wife convinced him not to publish the book and to keep the finished manuscript locked up for decades.
Hill was able to interview the DEVIL himself. The devil in this story is described as negative energy with no physical appearance. He is omnipresent in the minds of those who cant think for themselves and uses fear as a tool to gain control over the human mind. The devil claims to have 98% of the world under his control and that he uses six major power sources to maintain it.
1. Fear of poverty
2. Fear of criticism
3.Fear of ill health
4. Fear of loss of love
5. Fear of old age
6. Fear of death
The devil also explains how he has been able to corrupt the minds of the young by teaching them to drink and smoke. Stating that drinking and smoking break down the power of persistence and endurance over time.(written in 1938, well before any scientific evidence supporting the destructive properties of nicotine).
Napoleon Hill says that the public school system teaches children everything except how to use their own minds and how to think independently. He says that school children are taught not to develop and use their own minds but to adopt and use the thoughts of others. This idea leads students to become ‘drifters’ in school as they have no idea of their future occupation.
7 Steps to achieve spiritual, mental and physical freedom.
  1. Definiteness of purpose- Find your WHY
  2. Mastery over self- Learn how to be disciplined and persistent
  3. Learning from adversity-Know that adversity is a blessing in disguise
  4. Controlling the environmental influence-Your income is the average of the top 5 people you surround yourself with.
  5. Time-The result of your habits compounded over time.
  6. Harmony- Become the dominating influence in your own mind/Have control over your own thoughts.
  7. Caution-Think before you act.
Personal Review
Although the main message of the book comes in the form of an imaginary interview with a fallen angel, the information within the dialogue is the most important. I would recommend this book to anybody who wants to accomplish their goals and become a better person in the process. It is an easy read and the dialogue between Hill and the devil is easy to follow. I would also recommend the audio version simply because the devil is assigned a deep/raspy voice that enhances the overall experience.LEARN MORE ABOUT THE AUTHOR


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