Kill yourself, you are not special, happiness is a problem…Not the usual chapters for a ‘self-help’ book but Mark Manson keeps readers engaged by sprinkling in these types of bold statements. I know it worked on me and it’ll probably work on you too.

In today’s book of the day, ‘THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A F*CK’Mark Manson talks about the importance of suffering in pursuit of true fulfillment. There are a few books that talk about this concept already like ‘The Happiness Hypothesis’, ‘Think and Grow Rich’, and ‘ The Power of Now’ to name a few. A new point that Manson makes is that there is no value in suffering without a purpose. Whether it’s in business or in a relationship we always tend to inflict unnecessary pain on ourselves that doesn’t make us better or teach us anything.

Not all pain is created equal, of course, we have physical pain and emotional pain but they both serve the same purpose. To teach us when we do something wrong and give us immediate feedback so we learn not to do it again (hopefully). That is essentially how we grow, we learn from thousands of tiny failures piled up over time (pain), and the number of failures we have determines the amount of success we are able to achieve.

True happiness comes from improvement, and we can’t get better at something until we fail or at least try. The key is to take responsibility for every failure, don’t play the victim of your circumstances, and know there is a purpose for the pain you’re experiencing.

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